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Credit card payment service:CIB Bank Zrt.

Valid cards include:

Occupation-Related Health Care Part

Introduction of the Employment Sanitary Part (Employer – Employment sanitary practitioner relationship)

The employment sanitary practitioner registrates at the portal by entering his stamp number and a unique password thus adding himself to the list of selectable therapists by the companies. In his own webhost he can find the data of his company, the contacts of him and his colleagues, the list of employers in legal contact with him, and the due payments of his partners. He can subscribe to professional subsystems, Eg. follow the modifications of legal requirements, follow professional courses, or document archives, etc.

The employer registrates at the portal by entering its VAT-number and a unique password and then selects an employment sanitary practitioner from the list. With the help of the company doctor and the work sanitary professional the company’s employment sanitary data, the risk factors of the job and the working conditions, the completed and due check-ups and vaccinations, etc. of the employees are recorded in a systematic form. The entering of medical and personal data are naturally voluntary and they are strictly recorded based on the rules of medical confidence and data management. By paying a due fee one can ask for advice for actual travels, suggestions for compiling the travelling medical package for his vacation, or for foreign trips.

The employers and practitioners in contact can send messages to each other, schedule meetings, or transfer medical data to each other. With the help of the application the reports and databases required by the authorities can also be created.

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The project is implemented with the support of the European Union, and the co-financing of the European Regional Development fund. E-service and medical record management system. The site offers an opportunity for both patients and doctors to keep in touch electronically in an efficient way. The support amounts to HUF 5,600,000. Domestic Development Agency – Leading Authority – Assisting Organisation

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